In the early 1900's the good news of Pentecost began to spread, reaching the little town of Gladwin, Michigan. Mrs. John (Emma) Lang, a sister to Del Smith, received the baptism in the Holy Spirit and came to Gladwin with that message. She held services in a tent and later invited Charles Parham "The Father of Pentecostalism" to hold services.

The tent was set up on Cedar St in the area across from the Episcopal Church next to the store of Rudolph Heth. In these meetings, three German Baptist brethern, Rudolph Heth, Henry Stickel and Emil Wagner were filled with the Holy Spirit. Because of their stand for Pentecost, these men faced religious persecution and had to leave their church. 

Determined to preach the Pentecostal message, they acquired the church property on Antler St on September 23,1910.  The three men and their families built the church and called it the "Apostolic Faith Mission". They conducted their services in German and broken English to the best of their abilities. Though none of the three men were ministers or even had a formal education, God blessed their efforts.

There were ups and downs and many discouragements that caused the people to see the need for organization. Several ministers were called over a period of years to help the church grow and develop. The congregation voted to affiliate with the Assemblies of God in 1935.  They received their charter in December 1936. 

In 1972 the ground was purchased on Buzzell Rd where it is currently located.  The congregation moved into the new building in September 1974.  The dedication service was conducted August 29,1977.  An addition to the building was added in 1999 to include a growing nursery, classrooms and all purpose room. The sanctuary, entrance way and bathrooms were remolded in 2010 in time for the 100 year celebration service in September of that same year.